On Sunday, Oct. 27, the Oregon Area Historical Society will invite people to the Firefly for an afternoon talk about one of the area’s most enduring murder mysteries.

Dorothy Marcic, author of “With One Shot: Family Murder and a Search for Justice,” will talk about her obsessive two-year investigation into the 1970 murder of her uncle LaVerne Stordock at the hands of his then-wife Suzanne. She confessed to the crime but served just 11 months in a mental hospital, later inheriting her husband’s house, assets and life insurance policy.

“We always felt there was some miscarriage of justice in our family but we weren’t sure,” Marcic told the Observer last year. “When someone is brutally murdered like that, people want answers, they want to understand.”

Marcic, an adjunct professor at Columbia University in New York City, will talk about her book and answer questions about her investigation into what really happened. The free event is sponsored by OAHS, which previously sponsored an event with Marcic at the firefly when the book was released in April 2018.

“My book challenges (the official) narrative by looking at the forensics and (interviewing) over 60 people connected to the crime in some way,” she wrote in an email to the Observer last year.

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