The Chocolate Caper adapts during COVID-19.

Dan Donoghue, co-owner of The Chocolate Caper, prepares assortment boxes on Tuesday, May 12.

Although the retail store is closed to outside customers, The Chocolate Caper is still finding ways to support the community.

The Chocolate Caper, 105 S. Main St., has been donating 10% of all sales to the Friends of Oregon School District and Neighbors in Need of Assistance organizations to aid in COVID-19 relief efforts.

And although the retail location is not open to the public, it has been offering curbside pick-up and delivery within the Oregon School District and Stoughton.

Employees are wearing masks and gloves to safely handle products.

Founded in 1983, the business was taken over by Elizabeth and Dan Donoghue in 2014.

A second location, in Sun Prairie, closed in 2018 due to the downtown explosion. Plans to reopen the business in early 2020 have been delayed due the coronavirus pandemic.

- Neal Patten