The name Docere Wellness, 125 N. Main St. is derived from the Latin word for teacher. Docere is also the root word for doctor.

Playing that role of educating patients about how to best take care of themselves is what chief medical officer and master chef Kareem Kandil, M.D., N.D., operations catalyst Noli Adili and wellness coordinator Kristi, Noli’s wife said they aim to do with their new business that opened earlier this month in the village.

They want to teach customers about how to manage their health holistically through a wide range of services and products, which they plan to expand once Docere Wellness is more established with the community.

Docere Wellness already offers its brand of Better Living Botanicals products, which include cannabidiol (CBD) oil and such products as vitamins, probiotics and supplements. Better Living Botanicals was a solely web-based business before the Docere Wellness opened, Kandil said.

Kristi said Docere Wellness has yet to have an official grand opening. The business is working with the Oregon Area Chamber of Commerce to set up the most ideal time for that.

For now, Docere Wellness is looking to acquaint itself with customers in its “startup” phase – people who have already visited seeking alternative means of managing pain, mental health ailments and more.

“There’s no better feeling in the world than when (customers) come in and say that what they were offered help them,” Kristi said.

Kandil and Noli said even if they can give visitors hope, sometimes that’s all they need. They come in after their doctor has said there’s nothing they can do for them or if they feel like they’ve exhausted all the options traditional medicine can offer them — a system Kandil said is reactive to symptoms versus one that minimizes harm and aims to prevent those symptoms in the first place.

“Results vary from person to person, but it’s important to have an attitude to keep trying … you’re fighting for yourself, your space and for your health,” Kandil said.

In addition to its brand of CBD oil, Docere Wellness sells CBD massage oils and water, magnesium supplements, homeopathic products, hemp seed, fish oils and probiotics. Kandil said the business will soon expand its product range to CBD coffee, tea and chocolate.

Kristi said customers also might eventually see an herb wall, reiki services – an ancient form of Japanese spiritual healing – and naturopathic patient consultations by Kandil.

Docere Wellness will also conduct workshops and seminars about how CBD products work and more health-related topics.

Noli said it made sense to open up shop in Oregon, as he has lived here for 20 years and the village has been so welcoming. Kristi said she’s lived in the community for 14 years – as long as she’s been married to her husband.

“Oregon is a big part of us,” Kristi said. “We love everything about living here and it was something that was really needed.”

The couple has three children together, who were running around the interior of the Main Street building as they discussed their business with the Observer. They said they bring their kids with them often.

The duo said they met Kandil through a cousin who was pursuing naturopathic medicine on the first day of orientation for their schooling. Kandil said they connected right away over their shared passion.

The cousin told Kandil he and Noli would get along, since they had the same philosophies about health – and with Noli’s father having fallen ill, they wanted to find ways to increase his quality of life before he passed.

Doing so paused the process of starting a business for a bit and has left a lasting effect on the family, Noli said, but he added that it’s all the more reason to share his love of holistic health with others.

“He passed, but we came back to this,” Noli said, gesturing toward the Docere Wellness interior. “It has been a great healing thing for everyone.”

“It’s nice to feel like you’re helping people and that you have something to give,” he added. “We can enhance their lives in different ways.”

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