The future of six acres in the North Stoner Prairie neighborhood did not get resolved in 2018, so expect to keep hearing about it this year.

Neighbors criticized the plan, saying they had understood no high-density apartments would be built in the neighborhood. A change to the comprehensive plan in 2017 that was approved without any resistance allowed for the apartment proposal, but resident opposition and questions about the process killed that specific project.

What’s still being debated is whether the comprehensive plan will be returned to a lower-density restriction for the parcel or remain as is, with no density restrictions.

Thus far, the Plan Commission and Common Council have been unable to agree on what limit to impose, leaving an amendment to the plan in limbo. The city’s attorney has advised that the two bodies must approve the same amendment, but some residents and alders questioned that assessment, so the city has sought advice from a statewide municipal advisory group.

That opinion from the League of Wisconsin Municipalities is expected sometime around the end of January, with the council expected to reopen discussion at its Feb. 12 meeting.

-- Scott Girard