One method of measuring growth in the district’s strategic plan pillars is being used with Two-Way Immersion students.

Those pillars, part of a strategic plan approved in 2018, place a heavy emphasis on equity, or ensuring students who need the most help are given the right resources.

During the 2018-19 school year, academic growth on one standardized test score, the STAR assessment, was negative, on average, for all first grade Two-Way Immersion students that were also English Language Learners.

That was also the case for third graders at Glacier Edge Elementary School, and fourth graders at Sugar Creek Elementary School.

However, since the introduction of a 20-minute daily math lesson in Spanish this year, assistant superintendent of academic services Laurie Burgos said, all grade levels of TWI at Glacier Edge are showing positive growth by margins of at least 10%, as are all grades at Sugar Creek minus fourth.

For TWI, the 60 minutes of math are taught in English, so when 20 minutes of math was introduced, it threw teachers for a loop, Burgos said.

It’s a sign that academic growth is moving in the right direction, Burgos added.

“They have really been running with it,” she said. “I’m pretty conservative about celebrating things, but this was really exciting for our teachers to see.”

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