Jim Bakken.jpeg

Family: Wife and expecting

Originally from: Oregon

Lived in Brooklyn since: 2016

Education: BBA – Operations and Supply Chain Management

Occupation: Project Manager and Sub/Independent Contractor

Essay questions

Why are you running for Village President?

I’m running to better the community my family and friends live in, and to help develop economic growth by bringing logic and an open mind to the board. Politics should not be solely about a party affiliation, but who has the best ideas and interests.

What are the most important issues facing the village in the next three years?

I believe there are several issues that the village already faces and will only continue: rebuilding roads, Industrial park, Rising water and sewer costs, and a diminishing downtown. These problems have only led to many disgruntled residents and forcing them to move out of Brooklyn.

What’s the best part of living in Brooklyn?

The best part of living in Brooklyn is having the small-town feel and getting away from the ‘big city’ at the end of the day.

In a survey, residents favored 24-hour police coverage. Is this realistic?

24-hour police coverage is not only realistic but necessary for everyone’s safety. I’m not saying Brooklyn isn’t safe but Police are often the first to respond to an accident or fire/EMS call, and in some cases it could be a matter of life or death.

What is your vision for the industrial park?

I have a couple visions for the industrial park, but before I go into further detail and down one road, I am studying the local and surrounding markets. Plus, I want to keep those in mind who it effects directly (the homeowners that back up directly to the industrial park).

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