Three hundred divers, 13 teams and more than 100 volunteers and sponsors descended on Madison’s Ridgewood Pool on Monday, July 29 and Tuesday, July 30 for the 2019 All-City Dive Championships.

High Point won the team title with 208 points, as each diver averaged 5.94 points. Host pool Ridgewood, which had won six of the last seven and three straight All-City Dive Championships, settled for second with 192 points.

“I believe the All-City Dive Championships are a time to celebrate athletes who compete with one another instead of against one another,” Chairman Terry Ritter said. “Judges and officials determine where they place with their performance.”

Verona’s Mikayla Ott received one of the five outstanding sportsmanship awards, given to those who display respect, listening, communication, responsibility, courage and gratitude throughout the meet.

She finished third in the girls 13-14 division, just behind fellow Verona native and Hawks Landing teammate Annika Rufenacht.

Rufenacht finished second in the 13-14 girls division, and three current or former Verona Area High School divers finished in the top 10 of the boys 15-18 division.

15-18 girls

Monona’s Trinity McNall pulled away from the field to win her third All-City Dive title with a six-dive score of 223.90.

McNall was the only competitor to crack the 190-point mark.

West Side’s Gena Dockry (178.65 points), Elizabeth Andrzejewski (177.00) and Anna Sanders (176.95) finished sixth, seventh and eighth, respectively.

15-18 boys

Verona Area High School graduate Aiden Updegrove placed fourth (207.40) for Ridgewood in his 11th All-City Dive Championships. Fellow VAHS grad Conner Dugan (190.60) and VAHS senior Alex Ritter (187.95) finished seventh and eighth, respectively for Ridgewood, while Isaac Roush sealed High Point’s team title by winning an individual title with a score of 255.35.

Dugan also wrapped up his 11th year of competition in the All-City Dive meet.

Seminole’s Ben Stitgen finished second with 242.50 points. Teammate Wes Jekel was 14th with a score of 156.10.

Aidan Muckian took 12th (169.45), and Zack Strobel was 15th (154.85) for Ridgewood.

13-14 girls

Shorewood’s Rian Wells won with 225.50 points, followed by Rufenacht (205.50) and Ott (193.95).

Rufenacht was an All-City Dive champion in 2016 and 2018, while Ott was a 2017 champ.

Ridgewood’s Ella Bodwin moved up seven places in the finals to finish sixth with a score of 167.30. Teammate Cami Hurley took 14th (154.70).

West Side’s Sarah Weaver moved up four places in the finals to finish 10th with a score of 159.65.

13-14 boys

Parkcrest’s Evan Prince won with a score of 191.60.

West Side’s Joey Cook stood pat after the prelims and finished fourth (166.30). Ridgewood’s Jake Strobel was seventh (162.30), and Ben Hanlon was 11th (140.40).

Seminole’s Liam Updergrove was in first place after the prelims, as he racked up 124.45 points in just four dives. However, he slipped all the way to 10th (154.15) in the final standings.

11-12 girls

Ridgewood’s Gabby Drake claimed second with a score of 160.20, right behind Monona’s Emelia Hopper (172.85).

Emily Jensen moved up two spots in the finals to finish fourth (153.85) for Ridgewood. Claire Wendell added another top-10 finish in seventh (144.85), while Lily Watermolen took 14th (134.50) for the hosts.

Katie “Squishie” McClure of Seminole moved up five spots in the finals to finish sixth with 147.30 points. West Side’s Juliana Ketarkus was 11th (136.80).

11-12 boys

Seminole’s Brennan Sullivan moved up three spots in the finals to claim second with a score of 142.85 points. High Point’s Bosten Bold won with a six-dive score of 169.45.

Ridgewood had four divers make the finals. Callum Mutch claimed seventh (132.30), Jake McKinnon took ninth (131.45), Carter Nienajadlo was 11th (129.55), and Max Drake came in at 14th (123.60).

Nolan Perkins moved up two spots in the finals to finish 10th (130.45) for Seminole.

10 and under girls

Monona’s Mikayla McQueeney won with a score of 139.75. West Side’s Eve Nardi finished ninth (116.90), while teammate Charlotte Fleming was 13th (112.10).

10 and under boys

Ridgewood’s Jacob O’Neill moved up two spots in the finals to finish second with 131.90 points. Parkcrest’s AJ Beard won with a score of 140.65.

Ridgewood had five other divers make the finals. Connor Krohn moved up three spots in the finals to finish sixth (117.10), followed by teammate Jayden Raymond (116.40) in seventh. Jameson Bartels (95.10) and Brolan Shafer (91.20) finished 11th and 12th, respectively. Anthony Patrick-Stern was 16th (70.40).

Seminole’s Brady Lake took 13th (89.70).

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