Last year, the district blew past its three allotted “snow days” like a chill January wind, cancelling six days of classes due to cold or snow.

Three of those were made up by extending a planned half-day at the end of the year and adding minutes from April 1 through the rest of it.

With another three snow days available on this year’s calendar, it’s anyone’s guess as to how many will be needed. But the district has plans in place to make those calls to delay, cancel or release classes early.

Cold weather is even more of an issue than icy roads or heavy snowfall when determining whether to close school – specifically, the wind chill factor.

During a Wind Chill Advisory, school will be in session “unless it comes along with a storm producing snow that would cause roads to be impassable,” according to the OSD website. During a Wind Chill Warning, the district will either cancel or delay school, depending on the time frame of the warning.

If school will be delayed or closed for the day, district officials’ goal is to make that decision by 5:30-6 a.m. and communicate school cancellations, delays, or early releases through the district website ( and Facebook page, Campus Portal message alerts and local news stations

At all times and in all cases, families make the final decision on attendance at school on inclement weather days.

“If no school delay or cancellation is issued and you believe the conditions are not appropriate for your child, you are free to keep your child home and the absence will be excused,” the OSD website states.

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