The new intersection structure at the Hwy. PD-Verona Road intersection is leading to changes at one nearby.

Beginning Wednesday, May 22, traffic on Kapec Road just to the west will be restricted to right-turn only, not allowed to turn left onto Hwy. PD or go straight across to Nesbitt Road.

To turn left onto Hwy. PD, drivers would have to take Fitchrona Road off of Kapec and to the PD-Fitchrona intersection further west.

The changes will be “part of the permanent intersection configuration” when the Verona Road project is completed in 2020, the state Department of Transportation wrote in its weekly construction update.

By fall of this year, the Hwy. PD-Verona Road intersection should be running more smoothly, with three-lane ramps running over Hwy. PD to allow traffic to flow through on Verona Road. The intersection’s traffic lights as set up do not allow simultaneous left-turn times in either direction, and delays during rush hour have become common since the switch last month.

“This current intersection is overcapacity and serves as a great example of why we are reconstructing the Verona Road corridor,” the DOT wrote.

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