A 22 year old Madison man was arrested Thursday evening on suspicion of having crashed into a Fitchburg police squad earlier this week.

Alwayne Jones, Jr. was arrested just before midnight on Thursday by officers who were on special assignment to find the white Audi SUV that crashed into the squad on Monday. The vehicle was found unoccupied, and Jones was taken into custody under the suspicion that he was the one behind the wheel.

The incident from Monday is still being investigated.

According to a Fitchburg Police Department news release from Monday, the officer stopped his squad car and was preparing to talk to the men in what is believed to be a stolen white Audi SUV in a parking lot on the 4500 block of Thurston Lane. Suddenly, then the driver intentionally drove into the side of the squad car, ramming it aside to make his escape, the release said.

The vehicle drove out of the area at a “high rate of speed” and other officers briefly engaged in a pursuit of the vehicle. The officer was not injured in the collision.

Jones was arrested when he was seen approaching the vehicle, which was parked on Churchhill Drive.

Jones was taken to the Dane County Jail and was preliminarily charged with operating a vehicle without an owner’s consent, receiving stolen property, as well as charges of possession of marijuana and narcotic drugs.

– Reporter Scott De Laruelle contributed to this story.