Left turn restrictions on McKee

Left turn access at the intersection of Nesbitt, Kapec and McKee roads will be permanently restricted starting April 18.

Starting Saturday, travelers of Kapec and Nesbitt roads won’t be able to turn left onto McKee Road or cross over.

Permanent lane restrictions on McKee Road will allow travelers at that intersection to turn right only from those streets, eliminating the option to drive straight or turn left, a news release from the state Department of Transportation said. The traffic signals at the intersection will also be removed due to the proximity to Verona Road.

Drivers will still be able to turn left onto Kapec or Nesbitt from McKee.

Turns also will be temporarily limited at Hardrock Road, with drivers only being able to turn right onto McKee Road while going eastbound.

The change is part of the seven-year Verona Road project, which has caused significant traffic delays from the Beltline to just south of McKee Road. The final phase is this year, with work below its new underpass on McKee Road. When completed, it will make McKee Road three lanes each way between Commerce Park Drive and Fitchrona Road.

Work this year will be split into four stages.

The first will be median work for future traffic pattern changes; the second phase will shift all traffic to the westbound lanes on the north side of the road. The third will switch traffic over to the eastbound lanes on newly done pavement, with the final phase including median work to finish off the project.

Two lanes each way will remain open throughout the project’s duration, minus lane closures in non-peak travel hours from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. to 5 p.m.

The City of Fitchburg is staging its own McKee Road work in conjunction with the state’s project, reconstructing a portion of the road from Commerce Park Drive to Seminole Highway.

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