The City of Madison has agreed to pay $572,000 for its share of the Fish Hatchery Road reconstruction project.

The project, scheduled to start this year and finish a second phase in 2021, will get partial funding Madison for segments of the roadway in its jurisdiction. That includes 25% of the Greenway Cross intersection and the stretch of road going north up to the Beltline.

There are also some water utility lines owned by the City of Madison that stretch further down the corridor included in the approved funding, Fitchburg city administrator Patrick Marsh told the Council at its Jan. 28 meeting.

The rest of the $20.3 million project is being funded by Dane County, which is paying for half of the reconstruction costs.

Fitchburg picks up the rest, including any beautification costs.

The first phase will rebuild the portion of the road between the Beltline to Traceway Drive in 2020. The second phase, which runs from Traceway Drive to Brendan Avenue, will be completed in 2021.

That project will reconstruct all six lanes of both north- and southbound Fish Hatchery Road, improve traffic flow at the eight intersections, replace five failing retaining walls, mitigate flooding through stormwater improvements and add landscape planting and decorative paving.

The project will also include the construction of a bridge on the edge of the Nine Springs Golf Course property for a multi-use path.

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