The city has a plan for how to relocate water from the Hillside Heights Pond, should it flood.

The Common Council approved the plan at its Jan. 28 meeting. It establishes how city staff would remove excess water from the pond, which is a kettle with no natural outlets.

The plan involves using a six-inch pump to send water east on Irish Lane toward Syene Road and plugging culverts underneath the road to reduce seepage into nearby agricultural fields and homes. Staff would send the water into a culvert at Greenfield Park near the intersection of East Hill Drive and Oakhaven Road.

The Hillside Heights Pond takes nine and a half hours to drain with a pump that displaces 40,000 gallons of water an hour.

The city purchased the trailer-mounted equipment to divert water away from the area for around $100,000. Staff can take the mobile unit to multiple areas in need of pumping, public works director Mike Bisbach said.

“When there’s flooding, everybody’s renting (pumps), so they’re not available when we need them,” he said. “We have to have it for when there’s an emergency.”

The state Department of Natural Resources has approved the plan, which Bisbach said has its downsides. It could lead to the potential flooding of crop land if seepage occurs, and erosion in the culvert channel at Greenfield Park.

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