A 28 year old Fitchburg man was arrested Tuesday morning for fleeing police after he ran from City of Fitchburg police officers during a traffic stop.

The man, who police tried to stop in the Rimrock Road and John Nolen Drive area after he was seen driving in Fitchburg without a license or registration. He pulled over to the shoulder on John Nolen, but left his vehicle in reverse and ran from the vehicle, according to a news release from the department.

The police squad car was able to maneuver out of the way of the man’s vehicle, which eventually stopped after crossing over John Nolen Drive and hitting a fire hydrant. No one else was in the vehicle.

The man ran into a swampy, wooded area south of John Nolen Drive, where he got stuck in waist-deep water and mud. With the help of a Town of Madison K9 and a City of Madison drone, police located the man in the swamp and pull him to safety with rope, the release said.

“Without the assistance of the K9 and drone units it is possible he would not have been immediately located and freed from the cold water and temperatures,” the news release said.

After being found, the man told police that he ran because he panicked over not having a driver’s license, the release said. He was taken to the Dane County Jail and was tentatively charged with resisting an officer.

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