City of Fitchburg

The leaders of Chapel Valley Church started looking for a new facility a decade ago.

Little did they know their 10-year search wouldn’t take them very far – they’ll be moving across the street to 2970 Chapel Valley Road from the original location.

Pastors Jeremiah and Suzie Genin said they would have preferred to find a space in Fitchburg’s northwestern neighborhoods near Verona Road, where the church does the majority of its outreach.

“Ironically, to be right across the street, I’m sure there’s something deep in there for me to discover,” Suzie Genin told the Common Council before alders unanimously approved their rezoning and permit request to allow a religious use Tuesday, Jan. 14.

Starting in 2021, Chapel Valley Church will use the second floor of the building, Genin told the council.

While the church has purchased the entire building, she said the first floor tenants will not be affected and will be subject to property taxes, while the second floor of the church or any nonprofit tenants will not.

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