Join me in voting for Janell Rice on April 2. After being involved in several issues facing our district and city, I decided she is the best candidate to lead our city forward as the alder for a District 4, Seat 2. I find Ms. Rice:

  • Very knowledgeable concerning fiscal matters. She will help keep our taxes in line while promoting reasonable growth.
  • Very interested in transparent government. Janell will help us know the issues and be willing to discuss those issues with all sides. She believes Fitchburg needs to keep the promises it make and to have an open process so that we can trust our government and feel that we are heard.
  • Very interested in carefully planned growth that considers the impact it has on our natural resources, traffic, and the quality of life for all Fitchburg residents. She believes in looking for ways to solve problems such as traffic issues when developments are built rather than saying they will be addressed at a later date.

Rita Burke Henricks

City of Fitchburg