I’m sticking with a proven winner.

Jason Gonzalez is a strong and visionary mayor for Fitchburg. We have made a lot of progress under his leadership and electing him for another term will keep us moving forward.

We’re voting on a one year term on April 2, before transitioning to a new three-year format in the spring of 2020. I serve with Jason in Fitchburg city government and I know him to be straightforward and hardworking. He cares deeply about Fitchburg and all our people and puts their interests first. I also admire that, when he makes mistakes, he takes responsibility for his actions and learns from his missteps.

In the two years he’s been at the helm, Fitchburg has:

  • Broken ground or cut ribbon on projects worth more than $1 billion (new tax base).
  • Begun and invested in the ‘Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative’ – a thoughtful, new social program in Fitchburg’s most challenged neighborhoods.
  • Reduced the city’s portion of your taxes each year.
  • Consistently voted with neighbors on new development issues.
  • Overseen new biking infrastructure and a novel rideshare program.
  • Increased public safety with additional police officers and firefighters.
  • Delivered a 100 percent clean energy initiative (the fourth city in the state to do so).
  • Worked cohesively with our common council and staff.
  • Earned the support of past mayors and current alders.
  • Found a way to give cost of living increases to city staff, after years of stagnant wages.

Finally, Jason has been a tireless public servant as a firefighter, public defender, as a Fitchburg alder and now as our mayor. He is respected among his peers and in the midst of a tough campaign has kept his focus on what counts, moving Fitchburg forward. Jason Gonzalez deserves our support, now and especially on April 2.

Tony Hartmann

District 4 alder