I’m a 12 year old who lives walking distance from Chicory Meadow Park. I’ve seen that over the past few years that it has been through a lot, creating lots of wear and tear all over the park.

For example, I still like playing on the tennis courts they have there, but sometimes I feel like an earthquake just passed by, because the courts are in such a bad condition. This is because the tennis courts have lots of cracks and holes all over, from the wear and tear that has been happening.

It saddens me to see what is happening here because it seems that no one really cares about the park.

However, we can fix this and get this park back on its feet. If we can repair all the damage that has been done, I believe the park could gain more popularity. Also, I think this would form a better reputation for the area around it.

Finally, I think this would make many people like me, who use the park, really happy.

Zach Nilsson

City of Fitchburg