Fitchburg’s quest to provide affordable housing is laudable, but the project needs clarification. For whom is it intended? Is it senior housing for people who are above a specified age? Is it affordable senior housing for people above a specific age who make less than 60 percent of Dane Coun…

The entire Oregon School District is being asked to pay more money to build an elementary school on the north end of the district. This is due, in large part, to projected enrollments from new developments, like the Northeast Neighborhood in Fitchburg.

Thank you to City of Fitchburg and Verona Cub Scout Pack 549/Leader Chris Hauski, whose scouts and families on May 19 planted over 100 mature native prairie plants into the Wildwood Kettle in Fitchburg, located just south of Fire Station No. 1 at Lacy and Osmundsen Roads. About 2.4 acres, it…

Upon discovering a new “for sale” sign near our home at the intersection of Whalen and Caine roads, my 6-year old daughter decried, “No! They are going to tear down all of the trees to put a ton of houses here! I’m so tired of this! Who is in charge of cutting down all of the trees and putti…

We purchased our property 26 years ago. It seemed perfect. Close to Madison and yet open spaces, farmland and wild animals. It was the best of both urban and rural.

Last month, a six-ton, 33-foot-long sperm whale carcass washed up on the shore of Spain with 64 pounds of plastic found in its intestines, including bags, nets, ropes and food containers. Our waste is killing our wildlife.

In the 18 years I’ve lived in the Madison/Fitchburg area, I continue to be appalled at the lack of some Madison/Fitchburg drivers’ compliance with traffic signs and signals.

Voters will be asked April to decide on a new Dane County Circuit Court Judge. My choice is Susan Crawford. She’s vastly more experienced as she’s tried many complex cases in circuit court while her opponent, a Shorewood Hills municipal judge, has argued none.

A big thanks to Tri-North Builders, Gordon Flesch Company and Promega Corporation for brightening up our neighborhood so beautifully with the gorgeous, festive holiday lights.

We live in improbable times on a tiny speck in an enormous universe, on a world that is full of both perils and promise. And while wars, terrorism, unemployment, Twitter and global warming dominate the headlines quiet acts of generosity and kindness too often go unnoticed.

My husband and I have lived on Schneider Drive for almost 30 years. Although we pay taxes to the Village of Fitchburg, we’ve always considered Oregon “home”.

Tuesday’s election was a great disappointment. I have learned a lot in twelve years, particularly about the lengths that people will go to buy political influence and the fragility of local democracy. Nancy and I will do fine. We are in good health and have many interests to pursue.

I am writing to endorse Steve Arnold for mayor of Fitchburg, and to thank the Star for its excellent coverage of our often-too-contentious politics. It is sad to see some members of our Common Council seeming to parallel the stubborn blocking by our U.S. Congress of President Barack Obama’s agenda.

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