The Fitchburg Star is seeking additional members for its editorial board.

We formed this community-based group in 2018 as a way for our reporters to diversify their perspective of the community and to give people input and insight into how the newspaper is put together.

This is a formula that has proven successful with two other Unified Newspaper Group newspapers – the Oregon Observer and Stoughton Courier Hub – and we have found it gives us a stronger link to our readers and a more vibrant editorial page. We believe both are essential to a well-functioning community.

The timing of a tragedy in our newsroom last August put our editorial board on hold for several months, and we’ve lost a few members – including some on our staff – for various reasons since our initial call for participants.

Before we restart, we’re looking for more people who are willing to get involved in discussions about issues affecting Fitchburg, from both a rural and urban perspective, and the three school districts that intersect here. The wider your range of interests – schools, city government, business, public safety, social services – the better.

The board comprises members of the community and Star staff. There are no requirements for serving on the board other than an interest in community affairs.

Discussions will be held regularly, every month or two, and will be small groups that could lead to editorials or columns written by our staff members or can at least help us improve our coverage. Some of the discussion might be held through email.

We hope to hold the first meeting of the new group as soon as March.

Our intent is to foster discussion and community engagement and represent as broad a cross-section of Fitchburg residents as possible.

If you’re interested but not sure, call editor Jim Ferolie at 845-9559 to talk it through. If you know you’d like to be part of it, send an email briefly telling us about yourself and your interest to