Mayor Aaron Richardson honored three significant influencers on the Fitchburg community with a set of inaugural awards last month.

At a mayoral awards event on Wednesday, Oct. 16 at the Fitchburg Senior Center, around a dozen city officials, local business owners and supporters of the honorees were present while Jeanie Sieling, Michael Zimmerman and the Promega Corporation were recognized for their service to the city.

Sieling is a former mayor of Fitchburg and Zimmerman is its first and only economic development director. Richardson said all three honorees have made the city of Fitchburg the place it is today.

Sieling, who updated the city’s recycling and its library and senior center projects during her tenure, said she was “just amazed” to receive her award on Oct. 16.

“I didn’t expect it,” she told the Star.

Zimmerman has been with the city for 24 years, in which he has worked on various projects and developments. His position as economic development director was created in 1995.

“I was surprised, honored and humbled, as there are many deserving city staff,” he wrote the Star in an email.

Promega Corporation vice president of corporate affairs Penny Patterson told the Star that “to be recognized in the company of people like Jeanie Sieling and Mike Zimmerman is very special.”

“These are people who brought heart and dedication to the continued growth and good health of the Fitchburg community,” she said.

The biopharmaceutical company has worked with the city to help manage its stormwater runoff, in addition to promoting sustainable practices, Patterson said. It also plays a part in events like the Fitchburg Farmers Market and Agora art fair.

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