Gamers unite at 7th annual Exploricon

The seventh annual Exploricon board and tabletop game convention took place at the Wyndham Garden Hotel Friday, Jan. 3 and Saturday, Jan. 4.

The event offered a variety of strategy, adventure and role-playing games for attendees to play.

Some of the games come from other countries such as “Alchemists,” made in the Czech Republic. Others are locally designed and published, like “Roll Player” by Madison game designer Keith Matejka.

In addition to the boards, different games employ various items during gameplay such as dice, cards, tiles, tokens and miniatures.

Some games are even still just prototypes, such as “Shattered Arena,” a tactical card duel game created by Scott Cenkar of Chicago. Only one copy of the game exists at this time, which Cenkar brought to play and demo with others at Exploricon.

The event is organized annually by Madison residents Beth Tucker Long and Chris Long.

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