When Libby Paskey didn’t recover completely from some sports-related injuries in her youth, it took a trip to the chiropractor to finally help fix the problem.

Now, Dr. Paskey is the one helping fix the problems.

The owner of Infinite Athlete Chiropractic and Rehab, which opened in May inside Break Away Sports Center, said her struggle to rehabilitate spurred her to want to help others facing similar medical issues.

“I did not recover well from those injuries,” she told the Star last week. “I had great care, but it wasn’t comprehensive enough to address the entire issue.”

That all was solved — several years later — during a visit to a chiropractor.

“That was kind of the missing link I was looking for,” she said. “I had some lingering things I was dealing with from those injuries and once I received chiropractic care, that really just seemed to address the entire issue. If I would have had that aspect paired with the (physical therapy) and everything else I was doing, I would have been in a better place much sooner.”

So when it came time to pick a career, Paskey said she knew she wanted to be in the healthcare field, but didn’t know exactly where.

“Drugs and surgery did not interest me, and at the time, (physical therapy) as a doctorate was not common and I wanted more responsibility and more involvement,” she said. “That’s how I found chiropractic, where I could work with athletes and active individuals, which is a passion population of mine. So I went for it.”

Not all chiropractors are the same, Paskey said, as they have different approaches and philosophies — something she calls “the blessing and curse of our profession.”

“People should really think about chiropractors on a spectrum, because we can’t just go from one practitioner to another and expect to get the same care,” she said. “There is a chiropractor out there for everyone, but I will not be the chiropractor for everyone. We started out very philosophical in our profession and now we’re starting to really blend the research behind us to support it, and also blending in a lot of rehab and other avenues of therapy.”

While Paskey said working with athletes and and active people is her “passion population,” her services can help all types of people suffering from pain as a result of injuries.

“The entire goal of care here is to keep our patients moving and keep our patients active, regardless of their activity level,” she said. “Movement is medicine — whether it’s a high school athlete looking to move on to sports in college, or my grandmother wants to make sure she can walk for greater than 10-15 minutes if she’s out traveling. Even though they might have hurt themselves moving — 95 percent of the time, moving is what’s going to help you, not rest.”

Paskey said she takes a more “functional” approach to patient care, so her visits tend to last a bit longer than perhaps the average chiropractor.

“I want their body performing well, so I look at the performance of their body and functioning of the body rather than statically looking at their body through an X-ray, so that might be a little different than what they have experienced before,” she said. “I really take time with my patients and work the entire complex of issues or complaints that they’re having, or deficits in function.”

Aside from traditional chiropractic adjustments, Paskey said she’ll also use soft tissue and deep tissue work to help patients who require it.

“I’m moving them around in all different directions and also giving them homework so they can take hold of their complaints and injuries and work them themselves and take over that injury and their care,” she said.

Paskey, a Fitchburg resident, said the location in the Break Away Sports Center is the perfect spot for the new business.

“We’re across from a gym, we’re in a sports complex, it just really worked with our entire attitude on a healthy lifestyle — I don’t think we could ask for anything better,” she said. “Fitchburg has been so, so good to us — it’s a really active community, and that’s what really drew me to this area.”

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