Brit Springer.jpg

Brit Springer.jpg

Age: 38

Family: Married with kids

Originally from: Aurora, Colo.

Lived in Brooklyn since: Late 2011

Education: BA in Computer Imaging

Occupation: Graphic Design

Employer/job title: Multimedia Designer

Political experience: Ran in 2015 for trustee (lost). Ran as Write-in Trustee in 2017 (won). Village Trustee 2017-2019

Other notable affiliations: Member of the Brooklyn Area Chamber of Commerce, Currently Vice-President. Serve on Recreation Committee, EDC Committee and others.

Essay questions

Why are you running for Village President?

I’m very involved in Brooklyn, attending most events, slowly joining local groups and volunteer opportunities to get to know Brooklyn inside and out since 2011. I have learned so much and I honestly enjoy Brooklyn as a whole. I’m pretty level-headed and do research all sides when presented with an issue and I just feel I got so much more to contribute to our wonderful community since I’m here in the village 99 percent of the time.

What are the most important issues facing the village in the next three years?

There are two pressing issues: first up is phosphorus project, as this is new regulations in the past few years that is forcing us to have to spend money. I am advocating as much as I can to keep costs from going up too high on our residents as their sewer bill will have to go up. Secondly, the Brooklyn Business Complex, getting it sold out before the last extension for the deadline is reached.

What’s the best part of living in Brooklyn?

The community and all the residents that I have met, chatted with and are friends. Everyone is nice and helpful – I’d like to continue that as a president, and get out and chat with all the residents no matter their concerns, compliments and general chatter – I just want them to know that I would make myself available

What is your vision for the industrial park?

My goal (regardless if I win) is to see this park develop into a wonderful business complex. Get all the current lots sold and work/build a relationship with all our local businesses to help retain them (not just the business complex companies). I’ve been involved with this project since right before the land for Phase One was purchased.

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